Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mental Health Day

Yesterday was our first day of sunny, warm, not humid weather in over a week. For around 10 days we not so stoically bore rain and high winds. On Monday i was nearly blown over by a gust of wind. Falling terrifies me. I've just spent 2 months with the worst pain of my life because of a fall. I have no wish to repeat the experience. High winds also bring back one of my more embarrassing experiences. The wind blew me over on a busy street in Cape Town. I was walking along a pedestrian mall in Cape Town (OK, I was hobbling along on crutches because my right leg was in an ankle to groin cast), when I arrived at a cross walk. The tall buildings had been providing a wind shield and as I stepped past their protection, the wind picked me up and dropped me down. I was mortified. Have you ever tried getting up from the ground when one leg is stuck straight out and can't be used? Now add high wind gusts. Two large men ended up physically picking me up. All dignity gone for the day. LOL.

All in all, the wind, rain and memories made for a lousy week and a bit. Ben has been out of sorts this entire time. Not sure if it is just allergies or the weather, but be that as it may, Ben's perfecting his horrid little pratt routine. Yesterday morning school was not pleasant. I finally gave up teaching and told the kids to sit and read for an hour and journal after each chapter. Halfway into the reading I realized I needed some items for dinner.

That's when i decided to blow off school for the morning. We jumped on our cycles and off we went to the grocery store. I noticed an interesting thing happen as we were cycling along. Ben started cheering up. I know it wasn't the cycling because he'd ridden his bike during the lousy weather. I think it was the sun.

By the time we returned from our ride Ben was a happy child. That's when I decided that our family needed a mental health day. A day spent in the sun, riding, running and playing games.

What a difference yesterday made. Happy children went to be and happy children woke up this morning.

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