Monday, May 26, 2008

Tricks to doing lightening fast mental math.

I came across this website while surfing this evening. The site is for an online math tutoring service. They also sell a program that teaches how to do mental math faster than a calculator. Watching these videos made me miss my late father as he used to spend hours with me teaching me all sorts of little mental math tricks.

Here are two of their promotional videos. I think I might have to invest in this program.


Danielle said...

Wow. Those were cool. I watched the video's with Mike, an engineer and he was impressed with the speed with which the math could be done. I checked out the website. OMG...25.00?! That's amazing!

Robinella said...

Shez, that was way cool. We've been using RightStart which focuses on mental math and understanding rather than memorization. I have to link you for this one.

Thanks for the website.

Chelle said...

OMGsh this is AMAZING!!!!