Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Want to understand your dog? The Israeli's have a solution.

Over a 100 Israeli businesses, including prisons and farmers, use technology from Bio-Sense to interpret their dog's barks.
This unique, patent-protected security system allows you to understand your watchdog, and realize whether an attempt at breaking and entering into your property or secured site is being made - before it actually occurs. The system is based on smart sensors, capable of distinguishing the dog's alarm barks from its ordinary ones.
Nature and technology, cooperating and improving each other's performance, have finally generated the ultimate security solution.

Imagine the possibilities of this technology. Imagine a technology that would enable you to understand your baby's cries, or the subtext in your spouse or friend's speech? LOL.

I love Israeli ingenuity. Only the Israeli's would have come up with an idea that enables them to understand guard dogs:
Bio-Sense recorded the patrol dogs barking in different situations, from playtime to cat encounters to real emergencies. They loaded thousands of these recordings into a computer program to determine "what makes the emergency bark different than the other barks," said Bio-Sense project manager Orit Netz.

One of the keys turned out to be the dog's stress level.

Bio-Sense developed a sensor that can determine a dog's stress based on the sound of its bark. The sensor can be placed within a 15 yard radius of the dog to detect the "emergency barks" and sound an alarm in the prison's control room.

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Danielle said...

Intriguing. I'd love to know what goes on in my dog's head when he barks at every little thing! His bark pierces our ears!