Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jump rope class

The Mt Trashmore YMCA ran a great homeschool PE class this year. Every Friday, our children got to do a jump rope class for an hour. Shelley, a fellow homeschool mom and jump rope instructor, is taking the summer off and will resume the classes in the fall. Ben and Shira can't wait to start up again. I love jump rope class because it does wonders for fitness without the kids realizing that they are doing a PE class.

On the last day of class, parents were invited to watch our children perform feats of coordination with their jump ropes.

Here's Ben and his friend, Sierra, waiting to show off a trick they practiced.

Mom and kids

Shira waiting to show her trick.

Shira did me proud at the party afterwards. The children were all offered "juice". I use the word loosely because the primary ingredients were high fructose corn syrup and food colorants. Shira politely refused the drink and I could see her struggling to be polite because the drink was being pushed on her. She finally said, "in our family we don't drink artificial colorants and flavorants, but thank you for offering me a drink". The person doing the offering looked at Shira like she'd grown three heads. She couldn't conceive of a child turning down a "treat".

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