Thursday, June 26, 2008

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

Makita from Twinkling Stars Family School has posted the latest Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival.

We don't follow the Charlotte Mason approach, but even so, I find this approach has a wealth of good ideas that I merrily steal for use in our homeschool.

The most useful post in the carnival was the one from Kris of At Home Science which deals with Finding Living Science Books.

She is tagging books at "my library thing" (now I have to go and find out what this is) and will be blogging about "living science" books on her blog. I've just added this blog to my reader as I can see it is going to be one of the more useful resources I have found.

Melissa from In The Sparrow's Nestwrote about her children's mud creations. She talks about how we've moved from messy mud to clean playdough. My kids would love to have a mud puddle in which to play, the problem is that we live in a very urban area and I can't work out how to get them a mud puddle (our lawn is so tiny that I can, and have cut it with a pair of scissors).

One of my favorite art bloggers, Barb the Harmony Art Mom wrote about preparing your family for a visit to Art Museum. A very useful post IMHO, but then Barb's blog is always useful.

There are many other great posts, but these three were the most useful to me.

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