Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Want to predict how tall your children will grow?

This is just some fun that I saw on Henry Cate's blog Why Homeschool - an adult height predictor.

I tried it on Ben and Shira. It predicts that Shira will be 5ft10 and Ben 6ft4.


Danielle said...

Says Austin will be 6'3 at 18 and Josh 6'6. Now that is entirely possible given that I have brother's that are 6'9 and 6'5, a dad who is (was) 6'4, a father in law that is 6'4, brother in law that is 6'2, husband 6'3 and myself being 6'2. Time will tell. Boy am I glad they're boys!!! :)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

wow they are going to be tall!!!!

Leah said...

That's cool!
I'm gonna try that out on my girls.
But I'll have to measure them first and then convert my measurements.
I have absolutely no idea about feet and inches, etc...