Sunday, June 1, 2008

Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil

It just blows my mind that in this day and age there are still tribes living in remote areas that are untouched by modern civilization.

Here's a close up of the red painted members brandishing bows and arrows at the plane that flew overhead.

This comment in the BBC story makes my toes curl.
Stephen Corry, the director of the group - which supports tribal people around the world - said such tribes would "soon be made extinct" if their land was not protected.

He makes it sound as these primitive tribes are animals. I just don't know why certain people feel it is necessary to keep "uncivilized" tribes in their current state? Shouldn't it be their choice as to whether they live with such hardship or not?

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Danielle said...

It should...but do they pay their taxes?! That is the more pressing point more often than not! And I agree, it does sound as though they're talking about animals. Perhaps that is how they see them since they've chosen to stay isolated from 'civilization'.