Monday, June 23, 2008

History At Our House - American History

Scott Powell of History At Our House is offering a 50% discount off his American history program.
Incredible savings await homeschoolers who enroll their children in American history with HistoryAtOurHouse when registration opens this Friday, June 27th!

For a limited time only, American history will be offered at 50% OFF!

Normally, American history recordings are offered at the already low price of only $20/month per level. For just $20 you would get unlimited access to three 1/2 hour recorded history lectures per week, along with typed lecture notes. (These exciting lectures aren’t just readings from a book. They are interactive lectures conducted via teleconference with students across America, with lively Q&A that can motivate and challenge your child to learn.)

But, if you enroll the week of June 27th you’ll not only get these great lectures, you’ll get an additional “history through art” lecture each week, as well as geography maps–all included for HALF PRICE! “History Through Art” is a curriculum offered exclusively by HistoryAtOurHouse that combines art appreciation and lessons from history. (Learn more here.) Normally, that’s an extra $5/month, but you’ll get this student favorite at no extra cost. And you’ll get the HistoryAtOurHouse geography program for the Americas–usually an extra $10/month–also included!

But, that’s not just included in the regular, low $20/month tuition. That’s included in the 50% discounted tuition! In other words, you’ll pay $10/month for what would normally cost $35/month! Actually that comes out to over 70% OFF!!!!

You’ll get unlimited access to the digital recordings of the in MP3 format, which you can easily play on your home computer or download onto an iPod for even greater convenience! And you’ll get the informative lecture notes as well.

Whether you’re using HistoryAtOurHouse as the core of your history program, or as a supplement to another program, you can’t lose!

This is an incredibly good deal. We test drove his American history program towards the end of this last academic year and loved it. Scott is a very gifted teacher who has the ability to make the subject come alive for his students.

We're signing up for the live lectures of his Ancient History and his "History Through Art" programs this year. I can't wait to get started. One of the perks of being a homeschooling mom is that I get to listen to his lectures as well.

LB over at 3 Ring Binder says that her 10 year old has been studying with Scott for 2 years already and that her family is incredibly impressed with the program. Her husband has been doing the adult program with great results as well. I've been salivating over the adult program ever since I discovered it last year. I need to convince Marc that it's vitally important, that I, the foreigner, study American history with a master like Scott Powell.


Danielle said...

I'm looking forward to this course. But isn't registration a few months away? Or did I miss something?

Kim said...

I love this program! Most importantly, my daughter loves this program. I learn so much listening along too!