Saturday, June 7, 2008

Traveling Families

I'm sitting in the lobby of the Downtown Marriott in Richmond, watching homeschooling families check out. It's been a real education for me as I never get to see traveling families. We always travel while school's in so that we avoid crowds.

I no longer feel like a freak. Almost all the families are laden with cooler boxes, kids blankets, pillows and stuffed toys. It really feels good sometimes to know that you aren't the only mom who feels like the household goods move with her when she travels. I always have huge cooler boxes filled to the brim with food (we all have food allergies so the only way to ensure that my family eats safely, is to bring our food with us). Ben, Shira and I, all need our own pillows and blankies, plus the kids need their special stuffed toys.

Talking about traveling with food brings me to my exciting news. I am getting a week off cooking in July. Do you have any idea how big this is? With our food allergies, I never, ever get a break from cooking, not even when we vacation. Even if we find safe restaurant food, the kids balk at it after a few meals. I can't say I blame them as restaurant food is too salty, too sugary and too oily for us.

We're going to Dr Fuhrman's retreat in the Poconos. I initially ignored all the advertising as I expected it to be filled with guru worshipers. Then I discovered that all meals were included and we'd have a large choice of safe food for every meal and more importantly, we cook the same way as Dr F. No processed foods, no salt, no oil and lots and lots of whole foods.

There is even a kids' camp, so if I want time to myself, I can put the kids into the kids' adventure camp.

I can't wait. This is going to be a true holiday for me. I won't have to do a scrap of work and the food is going to be fantastic.


Danielle said...

That is totally awesome! I can't wait to hear how that retreat is! I'm totally jealous!!!

Shez said...

You have no idea how excited I am about this trip. the thought of not having to deal with food for 5 days is exhilarating.

i started breaking my fast today. Once my energy is back to normal, I plan on starting that exercise video you gave me. Many thanks.