Monday, June 2, 2008

Duck takes up residence on woman's porch recliner

Now for something that has nothing to do with education or homeschooling. It's just a fun video to show to the kids.

For years, wild ducks have called this Virginia Beach neighborhood home. One duck has taken the word 'home' to a new level as 12 eggs are incubating on Harriet Lindenburg's front porch recliner.

Video can be seen here.

We miss our neighborhood ducks. For years we had a duck family that hatched the newest editions at the Chrysler Museum of Art. We could watch the ducks by going out our front door. Then one year, someone complained to the city pound and the ducks were rounded up and moved to the Norfolk Botanical Garden and we've not seen the ducks since then.

Now we have to walk all of 5 min to the The Hagueto see ducks.

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